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wind water stone

Viento, Agua, Piedra

Uno es otro y es ninguno:
Entre sus nombres vacios
Pasan y se desvanecen
Agua, piedra, viento.


                                            Octavio Paz

We are completely surrounded by the external harmonies of nature,

which are illustrated here by moments in time

When we happen upon those moments that wash over us completely,

giving us a sense of the eternal,

we have no choice but to smile...happily!


Technical Information


Running Time:   2 minutes  5 seconds
Original Format:   DV  8mm

Installation/Projection/Viewing Format:    DVD - NTSC - RO

Sound:   Stereo



2nd Athens Video Art Festival -  Athens, Greece

Twin Cities Underground Film Festival -  Bloomington, Minnesota  USA

InniBos International Short Film Festival -  Nelspruit, South Africa

Identita & Storia -  Lecce, Italy

Out Video 06 -  Moscow, Russia

Langsett International Film Festival -  Sheffield, England

FF 600 -  Ljubljana, Slovenia

FlashFlood -  Tucson, Arizona, USA

The More Things Change -  Bangkok, Thailand

MADAC -  Madrid, Spain 

Natures 5 -  Ljubljana, Slovenia