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Whispering Leaves

Nos Pluers

Les Anges aiment nos pleurs,
De cette rosee avides;
Parfois nous sommes des luers
De par nos joues humides

En partant ils sechent d'un coup
D'aile notre figure,
Sans jamais la voir si pure,
Deja loin de nous...

Rainer Maria Rilke

    Whispering Leaves gives an alternative visual representation of Nilakantha and his daughter Lakme's

sacred Brahman garden.  Lakme's sadness and death, and the tears of both she and her father are found

upon the leaves in the last video clip, and in the words of Rilke's Nos Pluer.


Technical Information


Running Time:   9 minutes  3 seconds
Original Format:   DV  8mm

Installation/Projection/Viewing Format:    DVD - NTSC - RO

Sound:   Stereo




Videotapeta -  Velenje, Slovenia

KargART -  Istanbul, Turkey

Velenje Cultural Center -  Velenje, Slovenia