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"...a tremor of bliss, a wink of heaven, a whisper..."

                                                                                                                                            T. S. Elliot

St. Francis gave selflessly not only to others, but to everything around him. 

That faith is illustrated here in a single moment that brings itself to us simply and freely.

"Little flowers" shared in passionate visions, at once boundless and complete.

Technical Information


Running Time:   1 minute
Original Format:   DV  8mm

Installation/Projection/Viewing Format:    DVD - NTSC

Music:  Original

Sound:   Stereo


Aspect Ratio:  4.3


Festival Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica Digitale - Imperia, Italy

theoneminutes -  Gent, Belgium

MUTE02 -  Haarlem, Netherlands

Narave 7 -  Ljubljana, Slovenia

GIGUK -  Giessen, Germany

MUV - Florence, Italy

ONE MINUTE -  Aarau, Switzerland

Brilliant Earth - Sacramento, California  USA